In my blog “Ink On Paper” I am to reveal the art behind books and novels. Art has always been a part of me and I am forced to ask myself, is “Art” associated with the books I read in school? Ohh, it absolutely is. Similar to paintings, each and every novel has its own message and its own story behind it. The interesting thing about literature is, sometimes much like paintings, one needs only plain “Ink on Paper” to create the masterpiece. This blog will outline/ emphasize this similarity by analyzing novels, such as The Namesake by Lahiri, just the same way I read and relate to paintings.

“Books are the true means of acquiring talent, for if one does not read one remains ignorant, and ignorance can never produce true painters”. (Francesco Albani)


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Noor, Firstly, I love your cover photo. It is very beautiful and a strangely accurate depiction of you, despite the fact that it is a hall way. Secondly, I’d like to point out that your love for architecture also plays really well with literature. Books are simply building blocks that affect your intellect, and understanding. Literature is the building of stories, histories, viewpoints. And this is what you’ll do with this blog, in exploring these.

    • Thank you! I do believe that books are a magnificent output of just simple constructional raw materials. The basic knowledge perceived in books are equivalent to the raw materials used in a building. But of course, what is important in the design process is how the architect uses his/her intellectual ability to form a unique architectural work. Same thing goes to books, it is how the author interpret the “raw materials” and build it into a ” magnificent building” that makes the book unique and attractive.

  2. Noor! This is beautiful. I always knew your creativity would be put to good use. Keep at it.

  3. This is absolutely amazing, most people find literature as a compulsory subject they have to get through yet Its amazing how you find it an ‘art’ as it really is. Art is simply self expression no matter what you do. You’re telling a story. Your story.Beautiful blog. Keep on writing.

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